A Chilean plogging in San Francisco

Scrolling through Instagram and social channels, we have found many initiatives out there about environmental awareness and plogging. That’s how we found Gabriel! A Chilean expat currently living in San Francisco, USA. We asked him to share his story and how did he get into plogging!

So here it goes!

Tell us a bit about yourself, what is your background?

My name is Gabriel Salcedo, Chilean and a globetrotter. I spent part of my life in Ecuador and now in the USA.  I love food, and I’m a wine expert. I guess that’s why a started my company Winelato (wine infused gelato) @winelatocom 

I’m an active volunteer of CERT/NERT and American Red Cross. 

Many years ago when I ran with my friends the long coast of Chile, we usually found trash and pick it up as part of our routine during summer vacations. This past 2018 I found out that there are ploggers all around the world, so I’m trying to make this new trend into something bigger maybe with “a little help from my friends” in beautiful San Francisco, California.


How long have you been plogging for?

In the United States for about 1 year. In my home town Chile, I used to run many areas of its long coast and pick up trash. 

How did you find out about it?

I learn about it from social media, especially Instagram.

Do you plog alone or in a group? Where? 

Mainly alone but lately in groups. We are trying to make alliances with other groups of people who clean the city of SF.

Why do you do it? What is your motivation behind it?

It seems natural to me to take action when you see how quickly this generation is destroying our natural resources.

How has been the response from your community when they see you plog?

People love it, but they don’t take action... yet. We need to inform and advertise it more. Which is my goal this 2019.

What do you think is your biggest challenge as a plogger?

Bring more action to the consciousness that our world requires our action to preserve it clean.

What is your top tip for new ploggers?

Just get out and do it! 

And finally, do you have a selfish “me” reason to plog?

I have the “need” to be helpful for our society one day... some days I’m lazy, but during those days I just start with a big smile to a complete stranger.

You can follow Gabriel’s initiative at @ploggingsf