Karin Traeger

Founder & CEO

Karin is a Chilean Ultrarunner currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about helping animals and the environment, which is why she became a Veterinarian. Coming from a science background, she was able to observe the impact our society has on our ecosystems, which leaded her into a Sustainability career.

From wildlife rehabilitation in Costa Rica to reef surveyor at the Great Barrier Reef, she has always been passionate about environmental activism, trying to find new ways to help to create a better tomorrow for our community, our planet, and the future generations.

Through “The Plastic Runner”, she has been able to combine her two passions in life using plogging as a format to educate others about waste.
She believes that creating community awareness about these issues related to pollution can generate a better understanding and consciousness of how, with little changes, we can have a big effect!


Mark Barger

Website Manager and Plogging Supervisor

Mark is a seasoned Ultrarunner too, currently training for his first 100 mile event in the Australian Alps. He likes enjoying vegan breakfasts after his long runs around the Dandenongs. His background is into all things tech and computer science. From working overseas, traveling through Europe, and running in amazing places, Mark realised of how waste is affecting our Mother Nature. He is one of our Senior Plogging Supervisors.


Alejandra Lopera

Social Media Manager

Aleja is not a ultraruner, she moves better with the beats of the music. Original from Colombia and now based in Melbourne, Australia, she is a current student of Environment and Climate Change and has a degree as an environmental engineer. Her professional life was aways been dedicated to climate change and environmental studies and know she is looking for new opportunities to change our world. She is a very passionate, charismatic and visionary woman, now committed to clean our world along with The Plastic Runner Team.

Lovisa Carli

Project Leader